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Zantedeschia ‘Mango’

Zantedeschia "Mango" - Tuber

A lovely Calla Lilly which we always forget that we have. It takes a while to appear, but seems to do well in a pot. I may plant it out in the main border over the winter, although don’t want it to rot off in the wet.

Zantedeschia "Mango" - August 2020
August 2020

It only produced one flower in 2020. I lifted it in the autumn and found it had produced loads of offspring and had got quite cramped. Will store these over the winter for planting next year.

Zantedeschia ‘Mango’ - Tubers after lifting
Zantedeschia ‘Mango’ – Tubers after lifting Nov 2020

In March 2021 I re-potted some tubers. 2 pots with 3 bulbs in each. Should do well!

Zantedeschia 'Mango' - Pots - March 2021
Zantedeschia ‘Mango’ – Pots – March 2021

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