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Tulipa ‘Pays Bas’

Tulipa "Pays Bas" - Packet Picture

A wonderfully striking mid-season Tulip.

I planted this in a pot with our black tulips for contrast. They didn’t come out at exactly the same time, as always seems to happen with these type of planting plans! The effect was lovely though.

Tulipa "Pays Bas" - Flower
April 2020

Lifted, dried and stored in the shed in July 2020

Planted out in November 2020 into the big patio pot underneath the Senecio candidans ‘Angel Wings’ alongside Tulipa ‘Queen of Night’. They were already sprouting, so fingers crossed they come up strong.

Also planted some spare bulbs in the Main Bed Top.

Tulipa 'Queen of Night' and Tulipa 'Pays Bas' Pot arrangement
Tulipa ‘Queen of Night’ and Tulipa ‘Pays Bas’ Pot arrangement