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Senecio candidans ‘Angel Wings’

Senecio candidans 'Angel Wings' - Pot
Senecio candidans ‘Angel Wings’ – Pot

We bought this lovely Senecio (Ragwort) spontaneously at the Powderham Garden Centre as it looked lovely.

It is related to the common Ragwort, which I didn’t expect!

I was going to put it in the Main Bed, but decided it would look best in out big pot on the Patio with some black and white Tulips underplanted (Tulipa ‘Queen of Night’ and Tulipa ‘Pays Bas’).

Hopefully should do well!

Senecio candidans 'Angel Wings' - Planted in a Pot
Senecio candidans ‘Angel Wings’ – Planted in a Pot with Tulips underneath

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