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Rosa ‘Kew Rambler’

Rosa 'Kew Rambler' - Label
Rosa ‘Kew Rambler’ – Label

I wanted to add some colour down in the dark corner of the garden. We don’t really go down there and it is shaded by the tree so we thought a rambling rose might do well and provide a good habitat.

I decided on “Kew Rambler” as the one I wanted couldn’t be sourced. Bought from David Austin Roses, it arrived well packages and I planted it straight away with a big pile of mulch and a good hole.

Fingers crossed I can get it into the neighbouring tree!

Rosa 'Kew Rambler' - Bareroot
Rosa ‘Kew Rambler’ – Bareroot
Rosa 'Kew Rambler' - Planted
Rosa ‘Kew Rambler’ – Planted

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