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Primula auricula ‘Lunar Eclipse’

Primula auricula "Lunar Eclipse"

A pretty little auricula which is struggling on. We did manage to split it, but I’m not sure it flowered this year.

August 2020

This little primula was split and kept in a couple of pots by the garage for the winter. It didn’t look great. We then decided to plant down in the new bottom bed with the other new Primulas. Hopefully it will do a lot better down there …

Primula auricula 'Lunar Eclipse' - Spring 2021
Primula auricula ‘Lunar Eclipse’ – Spring 2021
Primula auricula 'Lunar Eclipse' - by Pond - Spring 2021
Primula auricula ‘Lunar Eclipse’ – by Pond – Spring 2021

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