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Knautia macedonica ‘Red Knight’

Knautia macedonica 'Red Knight' - Pot

I bought this as an impulse buy and found room in my main bed in the hole left by my Dahlia ‘Bilbao’ being dug up.

It got powdery mildew really badly in the hot months. I increased watering and it seemed to recover well, putting out some nice flowers.

Not sure I really like the colour of it, but will see if it survives the winter.

Knautia macedonica 'Red Knight' - August 2020
August 2020
Knautia macedonica 'Red Knight' - Flower

It was lifted and stayed in a pot for the winter (2020-21). I then replanted it down near the pond in Feb 2021. The plan is for it to flop over the margins, so lets see what it does!

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