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Hosta sieboldiana ‘Blue Angel’

A pretty Hosta, which hasn’t grown very large for me. I had it planted in the lower woodland bed for a few months but it got absolutely savaged by snails. They love it, making it look ragged, which is a shame.

Probably needs a bigger pot to get to it’s full size. I should really swap it out with an Agapanthus and find a better spot for it.

It is currently sitting on my drain in the middle of the main bed.

Hosta sieboldiana “Blue Angel” - August 2020

in December 2020, I moved this from the big blue pot to a slightly small plastic pot for the patio. Hopefully it will do a little better up there. Looks a bit sorry for itself at the moment.

Hosta sieboldiana 'Blue Angel' - New Pot - December 2020
Hosta sieboldiana ‘Blue Angel’ – New Pot – December 2020

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