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General Update – 8 November 2020

A really good weekend of tidying the garden. We had our first frosts this week after some nice clear skies. This stuffed a few of the tender plants, so I got on with lifting them.

On Saturday I did:

  • Dug up and trimmed all of my Dahlias. Good tubors on most of them, except Dahlia ‘David Howard’, which is a bit small as it was in a cramped pot. I will set them upside down for a couple of weeks and then store them over the winter.
  • Lifted my Gladioli Corms and sorted. Should do well.
  • Lifted my Allium sphaerocepalon which was in the Main Bed Top. These had started sprouting, so I potted them up temporarily. They will go back in when I’ve sorted the bed out.
  • Planted up Tulipa ‘Marilyn’ in the square pot.
  • Picked out a load of vine weevils out of a Celery plant, which is a bit knackered.
Main Dahlias after lifting - November 2020
Main Dahlias after lifting – November 2020

On Sunday I spent a couple of hours sorting out the Main Bed Top. Including:

Really pleased with how it turned out.

Main Bed - Top - November 2020
Main Bed – Top – November 2020. After rearranging everything.

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