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General Update – 15 August 2020

Autumn 2020 brassica seed selection

Purchased and sowed some brassica seeds to fill the main veg bed over the winter.

  • Cabbage ‘Winter Jewel’ F1
  • Cabbage Chinese ‘Scarvita’
  • Kale ‘Yurok’ F1
  • Kale Duo Mix F1 ‘Emerald Ice’ and ‘Midnight Sun’
Autumn brassica sowings

Also cleared out some massive rainbow chard which we weren’t going to eat and planted out a load of lettuces which I had in a seed tray which were getting too big. They will get slugged to death now we’re getting some good rains.

Also inter planted my final set of spring onions in between. They should see us through the rest of the season now.

Right hand vegetable bed
Right Hand Back Veg Bed – August 2020

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