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General Update – 14 February 2021

Main bed - Feb 2021
Main bed – Feb 2021

February has been pretty cold so not a lot of work on the garden outside so far this year. Pond froze a couple of days, but not much more.

Added a bird feeder over the winter and it seems to be popular. Starlings also like having a bath in the pond, which is great to see!

We did a shopping trip to St Bridgets Garden centre to stock up on veg seeds for the year. My stock is pretty old and I fancy getting some new varieties for the spring.

2021 veg seeds.
2021 new veg seed packets.

Today I sowed:

  • Lettuce: Gustavs Salad
  • Lettuce: Merveille des Quatre Saisons
  • Lettuce: Feska
  • Lettuce: Little Gem
  • Kohl Rabi: Ballot F1
  • Swede
  • Celery
  • Kale: Yukon F1
  • Spring Onions: White Bunching
First seed sowing of 2021
Feb 2021 Vegetable Seed sowings.

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