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Dahlia ‘Show ‘n’ Tell’

Dahlia 'Show 'n' Tell' - Tuber Label

First flower … 25/08/2020

Larger leaves and not quite as tall as some of the others, but we’ll see what the flowers look like.

Dahlia 'Show 'n' Tell' - August 2020
August 2020
Dahlia 'Show 'n' Tell' - Flower Bud
Flower bud – August 2020

The flowers are a massive, showy red explosion. Not sure I love them, but they are amazing!

Dahlia 'Show 'n' Tell' - September 2020
September 2020
Dahlia 'Show 'n' Tell' - Flower

I binned it in November 2020 to make room for nicer varieties. I didn’t really like it. It just looked a bit messy most of the time.

RIP: November 2020

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