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Dahlia ‘David Howard’

Dahlia 'David Howard' - Pot

A lovely dark leaved dahlia with lots of bright orange flowers. Really striking.

I had it in a pot which previously held one of our sad peonies. It looked a bit sad as it was probably a bit cramped. Tried to keep it fed and it did flower well.

Dahlia 'David Howard' - August 2020
August 2020
Dahlia 'David Howard' - Flower
Dahlia 'David Howard' - Bi Colour Flower
Dahlia ‘David Howard’ – Interesting Bi Colour Flower

This was lifted on 7 November 2020, after the first frosts. It was a bit knackered from Mildew though.

Dahlia 'David Howard' - Lifted - November 2020
Dahlia ‘David Howard’ – Lifted – November 2020

The tubers looked a bit withered and weak. Not great, might not get much back from this this year. Potted up in March 2021 to give it a go.

Dahlia 'David Howard' - Planting up - March 2021
Dahlia ‘David Howard’ – Planting up – March 2021

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