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Clematis ‘Helios’

Clematis 'Helios' - B - In a pot
Clematis ‘Helios’ – B – In a pot

My first go at growing clematis from seed. The seeds were bought from Thomson and Morgan and sown in the spring. They took ages to come up. So long in fact that we nearly gave up on them. Must have been a couple of months.

Clematis 'Helios' - A - In a pot
Clematis ‘Helios’ – A – In a pot

Eventually they grew and I pricked them out and eventually potted them up in a couple of tall pots to put on the patio for a bit. Will see them through the winter and find a place for them in the spring.

Great to see a flower in the first year!

Clematis 'Helios' - Flower
Clematis ‘Helios’ – Flower

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