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Camassia quamash

Camassia quamash - Packet
Camassia quamash – Bulbs

I’ve never grown Camassia before and Monty on Gardeners world said these would be really good for a meadow type area to naturalise.

I bought these in my September bulb purchase and I bought “one”. Got twenty! The bulbs seem really small for what may be a 70cm plant …

I planted them in the wild grass area down at the bottom of the lawn and am looking forward to seeing how then get on.

If we get a wet winter though, we may not see them at all. Fingers crossed for a cold one.

As a bonus I had some small bulbils in the bag, so I potted these up in a small tray to hopefully grow them on …

Camassia quamash - Planting up Bulbils
Camassia quamash – Planting up Bulbils

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