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Camassia quamash

Camassia quamash - Packet
Camassia quamash – Bulbs

I’ve never grown Camassia before and Monty on Gardeners world said these would be really good for a meadow type area to naturalise.

I bought these in my September bulb purchase and I bought “one”. Got twenty! The bulbs seem really small for what may be a 70cm plant …

I planted them in the wild grass area down at the bottom of the lawn and am looking forward to seeing how then get on.

If we get a wet winter though, we may not see them at all. Fingers crossed for a cold one.

As a bonus I had some small bulbils in the bag, so I potted these up in a small tray to hopefully grow them on …

Camassia quamash - Planting up Bulbils
Camassia quamash – Planting up Bulbils

In Winter 2021 I dug up the bed and forgot that they were there. I didn’t find them in the soil. so they did probably rot off.

I planted up the little bulbs around the garden, including the Main Bed top near the Malus domestica ‘Exeter Cross’ and down near the pond, so hopefully they will come up and mature.

Camassia quamash - Near pond - March 2021
Camassia quamash – Near pond – March 2021

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