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Agapanthus ‘Blue Umbrella’

Agapanthus "Blue Umbrella"

I’ve taken a punt on trying to grow Agapanthus in the ground as they do so well down here in Devon. This one may need to be transplanted into a pot.

It’s not done a lot so far this year. A few new leaves, but that’s about it.

I will probably swap it with my Hosta sieboldiana “Blue Angel”. We’ll see …

Agapanthus "Blue Umbrella" - August 2020
August 2020

In December 2020 I uprooted it and planted it in the nice tall blue pot. Hopefully it will do better in there than the Hosta sieboldiana ‘Blue Angel’ did.

Agapanthus 'Blue Umbrella' - Planted in a Pot December 2020
Agapanthus ‘Blue Umbrella’ Planted in a Pot December 2020

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